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Dog Groomer

What are you waiting to invest
in yourself?

Dog grooming is a career with high demand for employment anywhere around the world, it also gives you the opportunity to work in a company, work from home or mobile, making it a very flexible career.


A Professional Dog Groomer Career begins with right training, studying and practicing with an experienced mentor guiding you during the whole time of your grooming classes.

Our course offers, in addition to practical and theoretical training in dog grooming, maintenance and handling of equipment, management of the company and salon  and customer service as well.

Renowned partners are involved in our course; such as MJ's (grooming suppliers), Tati Manion (business mentor) and The Wag-Club NZ (biggest grooming salon in Bay of Plenty).

A high level Dog Grooming course will give you everything you need to be prepared for a change of life where you may feel is not working anymore because you are doing what you love to do!

"Chances of getting a job as a pet groomer are good due to high demand for grooming and a shortage of workers." -

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